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Here we are, in the wreckage of another simply wonderful Supreme Court confirmation hearing; who better to discuss the aftermath, next steps, and what these hearings do to the court than Ilya Shapiro? As Jonah says, Ilya is likely “the guest most consistently asked to make a comeback – mostly by the guest himself,” but it’s easy to see why. In addition to giving the 411 on why these hearings have transformed into so much “senatorial bloviation,” he also can talk about the bigger picture as a result of the research he did for his incredibly timely new book on the politicization of SCOTUS. It has been a long time coming for this return – and much like Ulysses’ journey back from Troy, it was worth the wait.

Show Notes:

Supreme Disorder: Judicial Nominations and the Politics of America’s Highest CourtIlya’s book,

Ilya in USA Today: End confirmation hearings

Telefon, mind control scene

Pete Buttigieg’s 5-5-5 Plan

Barrett: Roe is not a super-precedent

Barrett’s article on precedent

Ginsburg’s history with Roe

The history of an internecine fight on the right about judicial activism

Ilya Shapiro on “Team Liberty”

Shapiro on Shapiro, promo code DINGO for 20% off all products to hear Trent England on the Electoral College

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