Selling Out

Scott Lincicome, The Dispatch’s resident expert on all things free and economic, returns to The Remnant for a distinctly wonky discussion of tariffs, taxes, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Jonah and Scott tackle our most pressing regulatory questions. Is corporate personhood a legitimate concept? Has Biden undone any of Trump’s protectionist measures? And will supply chain shortages deprive us all of Tickle Me Elmos this Christmas? There’s also a bit about boar-cobra hybrids enslaving humanity, but you’ll have to listen to fully understand.

Show Notes:

Scott’s Capitolism newsletter

“Unfair and absurd”

Scott on the exciting world of corporate tax rates

Econ 101 with Peter Suderman

“Human beings, my friend.”

China’s energy crisis

Christmas who?

Britain braces for the end times

Scott on America’s ports problem

Scott’s love affair with the Jones Act

The parley in Pittsburgh

We need to talk about tariffs

Wild boars reclaim the Roman Empire

Otters annex Alaska

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