Send in the Clowns

While Advisory Opinions continues its slow transformation into a dating podcast, Jonah invites Sarah Isgur back to The Remnant for some potent punditry on the unfolding 2024 election. Are the Bidens a crime family? Is it inevitable that Trump will be renominated? And what would a second Trump term actually look like? All of these questions and more will be addressed, but you’ll need to stick around until the end to learn about a man’s correct placement on the sidewalk and the virtues of food sharing.

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Frank Foer

New York Times: “Why a Second Trump Presidency May Be More Radical Than His First”

Robert Kagan: “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.”

Jonah: “George Santos hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Congress was still right to kick him out”

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