Skokie and the Bandit

Brace yourselves, it’s a long one. Due to popular demand, Jonah has—graciously—pulled Sarah out of the world of obscure legal nerdery and onto The Dispatch’s flagship podcast to discuss the famous Nazis-marching-in-Skokie case. After a period of extended throat clearing—featuring a list of proposed baby names from Sarah that may inspire calls to CPS—the two set the stage for their debate. Sarah believes that this case was one of the proudest moments in American history; Jonah is unconvinced.

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Show Notes

-WATCH: Jonah and Sarah debate free speech

Sarah (and only Sarah’s) niche legal podcast

John Mulaney at the Salt and Pepper Diner

The Brisket’s favorite song

Sarah brings David French onto Advisory Opinions to discuss Clarence Thomas

The Skokie case

George Will: “Nazis: Outside the Constitution” (found on page 13)

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