Social Darwinism and the Straw Man

Jonah flies solo on the week’s first Remnant, as he tries out a format that seeks to provide the footnotes to some of the most commonly landed-on items from the program’s bingo card. On this first explainer, Jonah tackles the straw man and frequent leftist punching bag called social Darwinism, and whether or not such an ideology ever even existed in the first place. Do any conservatives actually believe this stuff? And how did the tables turn on libertarians to such a degree that the most laissez-faire political ideology possible ended up facing accusations of eugenic sympathies? (You can also tune in to learn why you should never trust Wisconsinites.)

Show Notes:

The (underrated) Tyranny of Clichés

Obama calls the GOP budget “social Darwinism”

Schoenwald has some strange opinions on Herbert Spencer

The University of Wisconsin and progressivism

Hofstadter’s book on social Darwinism

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