On today’s episode, Jonah, now back in his empty nest in D.C., desperately requires a distraction from the oppressive August heat. Fortunately, RealClearPolitics associate editor and fan-favorite guest A.B. Stoddard has just the topic: infrastructure. Exceedingly rank punditry ensues, as they explore divisions within the Democratic Party, racial progress in America, and why moderate Democrats find it difficult to be loud about their moderation. Along the way, they also discuss whether COVID or the Afghanistan tragedy can be blamed for President Biden’s declining approval ratings. Brace your bingo cards.

Show Notes:

A.B.’s author page at RealClearPolitics

The Wednesday G-File

Uphill breaks down the latest infrastructure developments

Hakeem Jefferies and Josh Gottheimer launch a PAC to defend incumbents

Drive-thru voting in Houston

The Remnant with Tim Carney

Suicide bombings in Kabul

Biden’s plummeting approval ratings

Jonah on invisible but deadly entities

Republican anger at the unvaccinated

A.B. on Ron DeSantis and COVID in Florida

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