Talking Left, Walking Right

Throwing recent rank punditry onto the back burner, Jonah speaks with his AEI colleague and UVA Professor Brad Wilcox, whose memory for statistics crashed over us in a refreshing wave of sheer competency. Tune in for a discussion of marriage, the concept of “family diversity,” and the three things Brad would do if he suddenly became Czar of America.

Show Notes:

Brad’s page at AEI

Nicholas Christakis’ most recent book

Kevin E. Stuart on his baseball studies

Most NBA players grew up in a two-parent household

Brad Wilcox on elites not preaching what they practice

Ross Douthat on, among other things, liberalism’s method of undercutting the married-parent household

Some of Brad’s work on marriage vs. cohabitation

The Disparate Effects of Family Structure

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