Ten-Foot Snowflakes

On today’s Ruminant, Jonah takes care to push through the natural inclination to simply, well, be appalled at this past Wednesday’s “events” on Capitol Hill, and manages to talk about both the lead-up to them and their ramifications. He talks about how the rioters display all of the soul-sickness that conservatives normally only talk about in regard to far-left activists, and that while conservatives are quick to point out the failures to establish genuine communities with positive outcomes in peoples’ lives within progressive politics, “we very rarely say that these are problems for conservatives too.” This week, Jonah also closes with a personal rumination on the most important little platoon of all: the family.

Show Notes:

This week’s G-File

Jonah and Brit’s disagreement

Josh Blackman: Can Trump be impeached for incitement?

Ramen Noodle Guy

The Ol’ Number Six

Tucker provides a useless panacea to listeners

Tim Carney: “Trump was something to believe in”

“When God is invisible behind the world, the contents of the world will become new gods”

Alienated America

Bubba McDonald

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