The Cheeseman Cometh

Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin makes a return appearance on this, the 200th episode of The Remnant. To celebrate, Jonah and Mike bring back the ever-popular theme of half-baked ideas, mixing many of their own ideas (that still need a bit more time in the oven) with some of our very own listener-submitted thoughts. They revisit their plan to (peacefully!) annex Greenland, Mike prolongs his beef with Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and our intrepid podcasters discover how to implement mortal combat into parliamentary procedure.

Show Notes:

Mike at Heritage Hill Park, which closed shortly after

The highly influential Justinian Code

William Manchester’s bio of Douglas MacArthur

The Federal Thrift Savings Plan

Episode 151: Jawing with Crenshaw

Shameless plug (now out in paperback!)

Xi Jinping looks like Winnie the Pooh

“Annoying” woman denied Swiss citizenship

Taleb’s book, Antifragile

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

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