The Disappearing Act

It’s been a while since a recovering Marxist joined the Remnant, but Ruy Teixeira, political demographer and senior fellow at American Progress, is here to fill that void. In predictably wonky fashion, he and Jonah examine the future of the Democratic Party and how the progressive movement has changed in recent years. They also explore racism in American life, wokeism in universities, and Jonah’s renowned distaste for primaries. Whatever happened to the FDR coalition? Is Maoism back in style? And should we still be optimistic about America? 

Show Notes:

Ruy’s newsletter, The Liberal Patriot

Ruy and John B. Judis’ The Emerging Democratic Majority

Ruy’s The Optimistic Leftist

Ruy: “Eyes Wide Shut”

Ruy: “How to Fix the Democratic Brand”

The Remnant with Francis Fukuyama

David Shor and the Democrats

Jonah: “That Shor Sounds Good”

Tyler Cowen on the Turing test

The Remnant with Elaine Kamarck

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