The Great Unmooring

The Remnant’s British invasion continues as Economist deputy editor Edward Carr joins to provide a perspective on how the pandemic has affected nations beyond the United States. Together, he and Jonah examine how issues such as vaccine skepticism, excess deaths, and pandemic-related insanity vary between countries, all while kvetching vigorously about teachers’ unions and the politics of marmite. Can we trust China’s COVID statistics? Are things as weird in Russia and the U.K. as they are in America? And are we in the early stages of a new Roaring ‘20s? 

Show Notes:

England prepares to drop COVID restrictions

Boris Johnson’s latest scandal

“There’s no such thing as learning loss”

Steven Brill: “The Rubber Room”

The Remnant with Paul Bloom

Jonah: “Fear and Loathing in the Time of COVID”

Apollo’s Arrow, Nicholas Christakis’ book on pandemic madness

The Remnant with Matt Ridley

The Remnant with Michael Shellenberger

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