The House Is Where the Hatred Is

Armed with a provocative assortment of inappropriate puns, Jonah invites AEI Senior Fellow Philip Wallach onto the Remnant for the first time to discuss the importance of Congress and what we can do to fix the legislative branch. As holders of the Remnant bingo card are well aware, reforming Congress by expanding its size and discouraging performative behavior within its ranks has been one of Jonah’s primary obsessions since the launch of this program. Today, he’s sure to indulge in as many nerdish lines of inquiry on the subject as possible, waxing Yuvalian from start to finish. What core functions is Congress failing to perform? When did the institution begin to decline? And are its deficiencies fueling broader cultural partisanship?

Show Notes:

Phil’s page at AEI

Phil’s new book, Why Congress

Phil: “Time for Congress to Choose Deliberation Over Dysfunction”

Phil: “If We Give Up on Congress, What Will We Lose?”

Ben Sasse’s Kavanaugh hearing speech

Lyman Stone on expanding Congress

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