The Kids Aren’t Alright

Jonah seldom discloses his fears, but on today’s Ruminant, he’s forced to reveal his greatest weakness: the common cold. Despite the large amount of travel he’s undertaken in recent weeks—which he begins the episode by describing in needless detail—he’s managed to avoid getting sick, but germs are closing in on him. If there’s one thing Jonah hates more than man flu, however, it’s young people (or, at least, society’s misguided worship of young people). Today’s episode is all about youthful opposition to Israel in America: what’s driving it, what it says about our culture, and why it seems to prove that the experiment with “safetyism” on college campuses has failed. Stick around until the end for a few thoughts on Donald Trump’s strange relationship with the law.

Show Notes:

Jonah: “Settle This One for Me”

The Coddling of the American Mind

“Hip hip hooray” is fascist?

The Remnant with Jean Twenge

The Dispatch Podcast introduces Jamie Weinstein

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