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Today two-thirds of the GLoP Culture podcast are together (a veritable biumvirate, one could say) to keep you up to date with some pre-election punditry while also distracting you just enough with pop culture news to prevent a sense of total crushing morosity. John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine joins Jonah to discuss the realities of Jewish political life in America, and to level with us about how realistic the chances of an upset are in the coming election. Then, John – with his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-style cork board at hand, interconnected strings and all – walks a perplexed Jonah through the evermore-confusing details of the Hunter Biden scandal, who seems to have done what, and what parts of the whole mess you should even care about. Then, in addition to a lightning round of pop culture questions, the guys also discuss their NYC-nostalgia, and their oddly specific memories for local television commercials from their childhood. While all of those lines seem cheesy now, John points out that “Maybe there’s something to be said for them, as it’s been nearly 60 years and I remember every word.”

Show Notes:

Get your tickets to The Dispatch’s post-election event, “What’s Next: Election 2020 and Beyond”

Commentary, the 75-year old monthly of intellectual analysis and political probity… you know the rest

John on the possibility of Jewish conservatism

The surge of American anti-Semitic violence

“Timmy’s my Jewish friend”

“Don’t cross the street in the middle of the block”

The oddly sensual Carvel ice cream commercial

New Yorker The giant excerpt of Obama’s memoir

CommentaryIrving Kristol on McCarthyism in

Tucker loses his mail

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