The Tribe of Asininity

Ignoring the desperate pleas of those closest to him, Jonah reaches new heights of excess on today’s needlessly long Ruminant. Still on a China kick, he begins by addressing the country’s spiraling economy and illiberal regime, but quickly becomes distracted by a handful of similarly grim topics, including the awfulness of Russia and the poisonous role of the coalitional instinct in American life. Stick around for musings on the Clarence Thomas controversy, Mitch McConnell’s health, and civic ignorance in American life. Oh, and to hear a few intimate details about the discomfort Jonah feels when staring at himself for an extended period.

Show Notes:

Jonah: “China’s Economy Is Spiraling”

Jonah: “Xi’s Republic of China”

Jonah: “Czar Gazing”

The Remnant with Luke Coffey

The Prince, The Economist’s podcast on Xi Jinping

John Tooby on coalitional instincts

David French: “The Articulate Ignorance of Vivek Ramaswamy

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