Very Bad Philosophers

A rental-car bound Jonah invites his research assistant Nick Pompella onto the show from the reclusive Zoom cave in which Nick usually resides — or in this case, the dankness of Jonah’s basement as Nick housesits. Topping the docket today is a discussion of “whiteness,” along with verbal distress over how to pronounce “Parler” and the chilling acknowledgment that the government is the only entity that can legally kill you.

Show Notes:

Barton Fink

Page about “Whiteness” from the NMAAHC

Pew data on church attendance by race/ethnicity

Michael Burleigh’s The Third Reich

Fukuyama’s Origins of Political Order

Slavoj Žižek

David Skarbek on the Remnant

The article Nick found about Slack channels as the new water coolers

David French’s hosting of the Remnant earlier this week

Wednesday’s G-File, written from Alaska

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