Yuval Got Some Explaining to Do

Today, AEI’s Yuval Levin returns, and Jonah asks him something more important than “What happens next?” Rather, they try to think about “What should we do next?” They talk about what Congress’ institutional responsibility is in regards to impeachment. They also discuss the 10 Republican representatives who voted for impeachment (“Look, I’m Jewish: 10 is better than zero.”), and their hopes to move past the historically anomalous character of right wing discourse throughout the Trump years. “This period has just been devoid of policy conversations. … Keeping the left from crushing you is an important goal, but it’s not what matters most.”

Show Notes:

Yuval’s most recent book, A Time to Build

Yuval’s quarterly publication, National Affairs

Rich Lowry: “The Crash of the Flight 93 Presidency”

The Good Fight with Yascha Mounk

William James and Charles Peirce’s “Cash value of an idea”

“’Coequal’ is my trigger word”

Federalist No. 10, where Madison discusses democracy vs. republicanism

Robert Putnam, The Upswing

“A Nation of Cowards,” by Jeffrey Snyder

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