The Biggest Loser

How Donald Trump reduced the red tsunami in 2022 to a trickle.

The Election Crisis We Dodged

A proposal to prevent the seating of House members from states with ‘bad’ election laws would be disastrous.

Doomscrolling, Interrupted

A rough year for pessimists.

Out Best Stuff From the Week the Midterms Finally Ended

Warnock defeats Walker, but it’s Donald Trump who was hardest hit.

Winning by Losing

A good night for the GOP in Georgia.

The County Where ‘Stop the Steal’ Won’t End

A video explainer from the Dispatch.

Dobbs Worked, Dobbs Is Working

Taking a long view of how the decision affected, and is affecting, American politics.

They Got Took

Right-wing populists backed unelectable candidates—exactly as Democrats hoped they would.

McCarthy’s Misery

To prevail as speaker, he’ll have to appeal to the suddenly reasonable House Freedom Caucus.

Liz Cheney’s Revenge?

Anti-MAGA conservatives might be swinging America’s elections.

A Blow Against the Malice Theory of American Politics

It turns out it’s hard to escape the need to inspire and persuade.