Dobbs Worked, Dobbs Is Working

Taking a long view of how the decision affected, and is affecting, American politics.

The Culture War Comes to Michigan

Proposal 3 would enshrine a vague and potentially limitless right to abortion in the state constitution.

Health System Horrors

Cori Bush’s memoir, which includes gut-wrenching stories of two abortions, illuminates the medical trials many black women endure.

Herschel Walker’s Hypocrisy Matters

Maybe not now, for the GOP faithful. But politics is a long game.

Who’s The Extremist?

Can the GOP turn the tables on abortion?

LOL Something Matters

Populism might not save Herschel Walker from scandal.

Herschel Walker’s Bad Night

The Georgia Senate candidate struggles to respond to an allegation he once paid for an abortion, and to a denunciation from his own son.

Kentucky Pro-Life Groups Hope to Avoid a Kansas Repeat

A proposed constitutional amendment aims to protect new abortion restrictions from legal challenges.

The Work Is Just Beginning for the Pro-Life Movement

Conservatives should advance policies that make life easier for all families

There Is a Secular Case for Life

You don’t have to be a Christian to oppose abortion.

The Shifting Dynamics Around Rape and Incest Exceptions to Abortion Bans

Many newer state-level laws eschew them or require reporting the matter to law enforcement.