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Biden’s Hezbollah Plan Is a Win-Win—for the Terrorists

Israel faces a harsh reality in an election year for the United States.

U.S. Steps Up Offensive Against Iranian Proxies

Will the Biden administration’s latest actions be enough to deter attacks on U.S. troops and treasure?

Blame Bad Law for Biden’s Bad LNG Pause

A notoriously vague delegation of congressional authority lets the president play politics with global energy security.

Iran-Backed Forces Kill Three U.S. Soldiers

After the tragedy in Jordan, Biden considers his options.

The Long Pipeline of Natural Gas Politics

And why Joe Biden’s ‘pause’ on the development of new export facilities might be a bait-and-switch.

Biden Pauses New Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Does the move represent a landmark climate policy or an election-year gamble?

Biden’s War Powers Called Into Question

Analyzing the legal authority underpinning the Biden administration’s recent strikes in the Middle East.

Is It Time to Give Up on the United Nations?

The U.S. spends billions propping up the compromised and mostly useless international organization.

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We Can Still Help Afghanistan—By Letting the Taliban Collapse

Humanitarian aid isn’t preventing starvation or hardship, but it is propping up the regime.

Biden—Finally—Responds to Houthi Aggression

In doing so, the president exposed rank hypocrisy from the right and the left.

Fact Checking Claims That Biden Issued an Executive Order to Send Israel Munitions

Such sales are allowed under the Arms Export Control Act.

Iran’s Complicated Web of Terror

As regional tensions escalate, Israel and the U.S. focus on Tehran.

How—and Why—Biden Should Act Against the Houthis

Our troops are in danger, and safeguarding travel on the high seas is in our national interest.

The Biden Administration Invests in High-Speed Rail

‘It’s all too easy to be deceived by what we see in other countries.’

The Biden Administration’s Plan to Seize Drug Patents, Explained

The federal government is proposing a new framework that could allow for increased manufacturing of prescription drugs.

Biden Targets the Pharmaceutical Industry

A proposed rule could allow major government interference in drug patents.