Our Best Stuff From the Week Before the Week Before Christmas

Trump disappoints his fans, Oregon kills the death penalty, and more.

Omnibus Wrangling in Full Swing

Lawmakers consider a sweeping year-end funding package.

Video: A Lame Duck Congress

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

The New Congress Could Bring Endless Showdowns

A look at one point of procedural leverage for House Republicans.

Congress Moves Forward With Defense Policy Bill

It includes assistance for Taiwan, weapons supply chain boosts, and a ban on Chinese semiconductor chips.

Democrats’ Empire State Split

New York’s progressives launch a salvo against centrists over the future of the state party.

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The Big Oversight Flaw for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

An executive branch agency has sidestepped disclosure requirements on imports with suspected ties to forced labor.

Will a New Price Cap on Russian Oil Work?

Plus: The implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff on the 2024 presidential race.

Dispatch Live: Lame Duck Edition

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What Will the Next Congress Prioritize on China?

An interview with Rep. Chris Smith, plus a look at a bill condemning genocide in Ukraine.

Can McCarthy Control the Clown Caucus?

It’s just one of the challenges he’ll face if he becomes House speaker.

Why Congress Will Never Reform Social Security

And who will pay the price when the trust fund runs out.

On Protests in China, Is Less More?

Plus: Kevin McCarthy mulls the math for his speakership bid, and what comes next for the January 6 committee.

Dispatch Live: China Protests COVID Lockdowns

Join our weekly livestreamed conversation.

Explaining the Right’s Debate Over the Senate’s Gay Marriage Bill

Religious freedom advocates don’t all agree on the Respect for Marriage Act.