Conspiracy Theories

Look What You Made Me Do

On being compelled to write about Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and ‘psy ops.’

The Left’s Whackjob Problem—and Ours

On the asymmetric nuttiness between the right and left.

Elon Musk Shares a False Claim About Media Coverage of ‘Pizzagate’

A former journalist convicted on child pornography charges never investigated the sex trafficking conspiracy theory.

The Convert

The radicalization of Mike Lee.

False Claims About the 9/11 Pentagon Attack Continue to Circulate Online

Photo, video, and eyewitness accounts all tell the same story.

Conspiracy Theorists Need Not Apply

Vivek Ramaswamy’s comments about the 9/11 terror attacks show he’s not fit for public office.

The Assassins’ Creed

You can treat the internet like it’s make-believe, but there are real-world consequences.

They Meant Well, Mostly

‘Peak oil’ and other follies.

War Fever

On the rise of ‘the Ukraine war is fake’ conspiracy theorists.

Rogan’s Jews

What the shock jock doesn’t get about antisemitic conspiracies.

Stop the Stealers (Mostly) Concede

With some holdouts, losing GOP candidates accept the will of the voters.

Election Deniers Denied—Mostly

Voters repudiated many of Donald Trump’s favored 'Stop the Steal' candidates in state-level races.

‘Do Your Job or You Will Hang’

Election officials grapple with continuing distrust and threats ahead of Tuesday’s midterms.

Lawyering Up

The dreadful predictability of how partisans react to political violence.