Democratic Party

Social Media Posts Take a Maine Legislator’s Comments About ‘Nazis’ Out of Context

Maine state Rep. Laurel Libby was referencing a specific demonstration held by a local neo-Nazi group.

RFK Jr. Turns Left

His choice of running mate shows the independent’s growing danger to Democrats.

RFK Jr. Chooses His VP

Plus: Turnover grips the House of Representatives.

Cold Cash Comfort for Democrats in 2024

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Americans Have the Power to Demand and Deliver Better

Minority factions disrupt political stability. What could a dissident majority do?

A Fight for Two Different GOPs in Ohio’s Senate Primary

Plus: Why Democrats are boosting the Trump-backed Bernie Moreno.

What’s a Non-White Voter Anyway?

Lumping together every person not of wholly European ancestry into one group is not particularly edifying.

Jumpstart Joe

Can one State of the Union address get President Joe Biden’s campaign back on track?

It’s Go Time For Biden

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The Post-Filibuster Age

It’s coming—but maybe not as soon as we expect.

Kooks, Real and Imagined

What happened when the GOP fell in love with the idea of a permanent revolution.

A New Cope

Is Joe Biden getting a raw deal from the media?

Biden and the Blank Space 

Progressive activists in Michigan are mounting a write-in campaign for ‘uncommitted.’

Truth in Labeling

‘Right’ and ‘left’ might always be changing, but that just means we need more labels, not fewer.

Moment to Moment

The bill has come due on Joe Biden’s age.