Higher Education

The Upside of the College Enrollment Downswing

Declining college enrollment will cause some pain but will also benefit students and universities in the long run.

Victimhood via Footnote

The emerging ‘citational justice’ movement in academia is an affront to critical thinking.

Pretend It’s a University

On the past and future of higher education.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Defenses of Claudine Gay are just more proof that sometimes you should let the ‘other side’ have the win.

Speaking Freely About Free Speech

Free speech matters a lot, but so do some other things.

Antisemitism Is Just a Symptom

The root cause of hatred toward Jews is a more pervasive malady.

Is Cancel Culture Just a Problem or a Five-Alarm Fire?

A review of Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott’s ‘The Canceling of the American Mind.’

Okay, What About Legacy Admissions?

They go against the stated missions of elite universities, but they aren’t racist.

Reforming Higher Ed Goes Beyond Free Speech and Loan Forgiveness

Innovation is in order, and leaders like Ben Sasse are well-poised to carry that out.

The New Stanford Prison Experiment

The free speech circus came to Stanford.

It’s Time to Krauthammer the Curriculum

One solution for fixing the anti-intellectualism of the nationalist right.

Is Harvard Medical School Teaching Students to Treat ‘LGBTQIA+’ Infants? 

The treatments in question are only for intersex babies.

Academic Freedom for Whom?

Ron DeSantis pays lip service to campus free speech while trying to implement policies that have a chilling effect.

Blasphemy in Minnesota

Art and the heckler’s veto.