House of Representatives

A Freewheeling House

Plus: An interview with a newly appointed member of the China competition committee.

‘If You Lose Control of the Rules Committee, You’ve Lost Control of the Floor’

What the new makeup of the House Rules Committee—and other key panels—could mean for must-pass bills.

The Coming Debt Ceiling Standoff

Republicans want to rein in spending but can’t agree on exactly what to ask for.

Will George Santos Face Any Consequences?

It may be up to voters in 2024 to mete out punishment to the New York Republican: A Dispatch Explainer.

How Republicans Can Get Serious on Spending

When it comes to cuts, less is actually more.

The GOP’s George Santos Dilemma

National leaders tolerate him while New York Republicans urge him to step down.

When Words Fail

Last week exposed the poverty of our political vocabulary.

The Sweep: What the Speakership Fight Means for Congressional Campaigns

What happens in the House changes who runs and how they win.

House GOP Moves to Messaging Bills and Investigations

Plus, a new select committee on strategic competition with China.

Turn the Cameras Off

America needs less C-SPAN, not more.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Speaker Votes

Kevin McCarthy gets the gavel, but at what cost?

McCarthy Gets the Gavel in Dramatic Fashion

After more than a dozen votes and days of negotiations, Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker of the House of Representatives.

Details on McCarthy’s Concessions Still To Come

Kevin McCarthy finally won over more than a dozen GOP detractors to claim the House speakership. But what did he give up to do so?

The Leeroy Jenkins Caucus

It only takes a few people to barge in and blow up everything.

Stirewaltisms: Four Lessons From the Ziggy Stardust Caucus

Practical takeaways from an impractical performance.