House of Representatives

Rep. George Santos Faces Expulsion

Plus: The Democratic schism over Israel.

Beyond Mercy and Grace

Rep. Lauren Boebert tends to make everything about the least important issue in America—herself.

Will New Speaker Mike Johnson Actually Decentralize Power in the House?

All recent speakers say they want to, but it never really happens. Why?

Understanding Mike Johnson’s Social Conservatism

What we can learn from his work for the Christian legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Perfect Ending

In the GOP’s speaker mess, the bad guys win again.

Rules for Radicals

It won’t matter who the speaker of the House is if we don’t safeguard clear, impartial, and competent administration.

Kevin’s House

A quasi-defense of an execrable leader.

A Republican’s Defense of Arizona’s Election Integrity

Plus: House Republicans will try once again to find a speaker who can win.

The House Speaker Fiasco Keeps on Going

Plus: Republican candidates split between Nevada’s primary and caucus.

Only Trump Is Trump

Lessons from the humiliation of Jim Jordan.

The Politics of Fear Has Its Limits

What Jim Jordan’s sinking speakership bid tells us about one of Washington’s iron laws.

Jim Jordan Misses the Mark

As Jordan scrambles to secure the votes for House speaker, some Republicans fret about his fundraising chops.

Team Players

Why shouldn’t blue-district House Republicans switch parties?

Jim Jordan Pushing for Support Ahead of Tuesday Floor Vote

Plus: Doug Burgum talks about his underdog campaign.

‘Congress is Going to Have to Steel Ourselves’

Lawmakers are backing Israel in next phase of conflict.

Setting Up the Speaker Fight Redux

The Republican conference passes up an opportunity for unity.