House Republicans

Why Donald Trump’s Prosecutors May Be Helping His Campaign

Plus: A new federal indictment could sink Republicans’ impeachment aspirations.

Impeaching Mayorkas: Take Two

House Republicans made a historic statement about the border crisis. Now what?

Quitting Time

Traditional Republicans are ditching Congress—with one curious exception.

The Scapegoats

A crisis of leadership in a weak, divided party.

Senate Whiffs on Immigration Reform

After months of negotiations, the bipartisan immigration reform and Ukraine aid deal falls apart.

The Fast and the Furious

Send the immigration bill to the House.

Congress Avoids a Shutdown … For Now

The House and Senate pass another laddered continuing resolution to fund the government until early March.

McCarthy Was Never the Problem

Anti-politics and the House GOP.

Another Year, Another Congressional Funding Deal

A tentative compromise to keep the government running comes down to the wire.

What the House Is Losing With Patrick McHenry’s Retirement

When the North Carolina Republican leaves office one year from today, he will be taking a lot of institutional knowledge with him.

Kevin McCarthy: Still Running Interference for the GOP

The former speaker reflects on a congressional career and its rocky ending.

Big Questions Linger on Colorado’s Trump-Ballot Decision

Plus: Donald Trump responds to prosecutors on the presidential immunity question and the House GOP isn’t finished with Hunter Biden.

Kevin McCarthy Predicts 2024 GOP Victories in Exit Interview

Plus: Turning Point USA tells the young MAGA faithful that early voting is good, actually.

Into the Briar Patch

Will Biden benefit from the GOP’s impeachment inquiry?

George Santos, the Most Novel Con of All

The expelled congressman highlights the devolution of the Republican Party.

Headed for the Exits

Is it the quantity or quality of retiring members of Congress that really matters?