Joe Biden

Bye, America

Forcing federal contractors to use U.S. goods and services generates all sorts of economic harms.

Popular Nonsense

Our polarization is bad, but bipartisan consensus can be worse.

Biden’s New Shot for Nominees

Plus: Senators demand UFO answers.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Dead

The State Department is fighting to keep it alive, even if an agreement benefits Russia and China.

Intention, Not Capacity

The White House’s new way of seeing the Iranian bomb.

Stirewaltisms: An Experiment in Negative Partisanship

If nothing else, the State of the Union highlighted how our awful politics got that way.

Fact Checking President Biden’s State of The Union Speech

The 2023 address included a number of claims that were misleading or missing important context.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Presidents are increasingly reticent to talk about national security. No wonder Americans are less engaged.

One Cheer for Heckling

Can an already degraded event be diminished?

Falling in Line, Not in Love

How outraged right-wingers actually boost support for Biden.

Ricketts Rival Herbster Mulls 2024 Senate Challenge in Nebraska

Plus, the Republican Main Street Partnership previews its 2024 campaign strategy and Democrats react to Biden’s State of the Union address.

Biden’s SOTU Shot at Bipartisanship

The economy was the star of Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Joe Biden as Priest-King

Tuesday’s State of the Union pageantry is a reminder of how much the presidency has changed.

Biden’s State of the Union Misery Index

Potential primary challengers will be looking for weakness.

Stirewaltisms: Iowa Down, But Not Out

Three years ago today the political world watched in horror as the Iowa Democratic Caucuses turned into a high-tech wreck.

Biden’s Misguided Call for Internet Regulation

Going after Big Tech by reforming Section 230 and limiting data collection would stunt American technological innovation.