Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Embraced Partisanship—at His Own Peril

It’s not clear his replacement will do much differently.

Time to Hide the Sausage-Making

Too much transparency is unhealthy for our politics.

Kevin McCarthy’s Ironic Downfall

Plus: What the former speaker’s ouster means for GOP fundraising.

A Historically Bad Day for Kevin McCarthy

Plus: How one New Jersey senator’s alleged crime could benefit Sweden’s NATO bid.

Democrats Will Decide Kevin McCarthy’s Fate

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Kevin’s Best Friend

Having Matt Gaetz as a foil isn’t the worst thing.

Congress Avoids a Shutdown

After pushing through a last-minute stopgap measure to keep the government open, Kevin McCarthy’s speakership may be at risk.

Fiscal Wishes Meet Shutdown Realities

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When the Stupid Futility Is the Point

Republican hardliners can’t seem to quell their almost Freudian compulsion to lose.

Squeezing the Speaker

Why a small minority has such power over Kevin McCarthy.

Barreling Toward a Shutdown

The window is closing to fund the government before the September 30 deadline.

Speaker Gaetz

Maybe not the worst outcome.

Kevin McCarthy’s Historically Bad Week

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Could McCarthy Really Pull Off Impeaching Biden?

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