Uphill covers the most important—and sometimes overlooked—policy debates unfolding in Congress, and the personalities behind them.


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On Protests in China, Is Less More?

Plus: Kevin McCarthy mulls the math for his speakership bid, and what comes next for the January 6 committee.

Explaining the Right’s Debate Over the Senate’s Gay Marriage Bill

Religious freedom advocates don’t all agree on the Respect for Marriage Act.

The End of the Pelosi Era

Plus: An interview with former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

House Republicans Choose Their Fighter

Plus: Will moderates flex any muscle? And a look at Democrats’ debt ceiling calculus.

The Freedom Caucus’ Reform Opportunity

A narrow Republican majority would give the group tremendous leverage over House leadership.

Investigations and Impeachments

Republicans prepare to take back the House—and make life difficult for President Joe Biden.

All Eyes on the House

What are Republicans’ plans if they take the majority?

Pelosi Attack Reignites Concerns Over Lawmakers’ Safety

Capitol Police have made changes to respond to threats over the past year, but the tide keeps rising.

Health System Horrors

Cori Bush’s memoir, which includes gut-wrenching stories of two abortions, illuminates the medical trials many black women endure.

Progressives Push for a Ukraine Ceasefire

A group of Democrats is urging the White House to pursue a diplomatic end to Russia’s war as Republican support for Ukraine aid may be waning.

Get Ready For a Busy Lame Duck

Democrats may want to act on the debt ceiling and Ukraine aid, but that’s easier said than done.

How the Jones Act Sparked Calls of Treason

The recommendation, serious or not, underscores a surprising level of intensity around shipping policy.

Democrats Urge a Saudi Split

Some lawmakers want the Biden administration to take a harder line on Saudi Arabia following OPEC’s decision to cut oil production.

Plan to Grant More Green Cards to STEM Graduates Resurfaces

The measure has support from the Pentagon but faces hurdles in the Senate.

Congress Heads for the Exits Until November

But first the House has to pass a government funding bill, and the lame-duck session is looking packed.

Customs Targets Thousands of Suspected Forced-Labor Shipments Under New Bill

An official sheds light on challenges in enforcing the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.