Kevin McCarthy

Will Kevin McCarthy Fight Back?

It’s unclear whether the speaker has the votes to push a stopgap spending measure, but the endgame for House hardliners is even foggier.

House Republicans Remain at an Impasse

A potential compromise brokered over the weekend appears dead on arrival due to hardliner objections.

Gone Fishing

Will the House GOP’s impeachment effort backfire?

Glenn Youngkin Plays the Education Hits Ahead of Virginia Elections

Plus: Vulnerable House Republicans are backing McCarthy on impeachment inquiry—for now.

Revving the Impeachment Engines

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces an inquiry into President Joe Biden.

How Serious Is the Threat to Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership?

The speaker announced an impeachment inquiry Tuesday while trying to appease his critics on government spending. Will it work?

When the House Returns, It’ll Be Crunch Time

Plus: Succession questions loom after another Mitch McConnell medical scare.

Republicans Pledge Response to Trump Indictment

Plus: Fangs out for McCarthy, and lawmakers consider patent rules for AI inventions.

The Freedom Caucus, Defanged

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy doesn’t appear to be in much danger from his right flank—for now.

Kevin McCarthy’s Next Task: ‘Relationship Repair’

Some Republicans see the debt ceiling deal as a breach in trust.

Soft Landing

How did we avoid a debt ceiling crisis?

A Show About Nothing

What was the point of the debt-ceiling fight?

GOP Leaders Look to Build Support for Debt Deal

Kevin McCarthy aims to pass it this week—and quell a potential far-right uprising.

An Unlikely Rout

Republicans are winning the politics of the debt ceiling fight handily.

The Debt Ceiling Decision Tree

With days to go before the ‘X-date,’ several scenarios could play out.

Debt Ceiling Deal Remains Elusive

Lawmakers may have only nine days to head off a default.