Republican Party

The GOP’s Hope for a Flipped Senate Script

As Senate Democrats face a tough map in 2024, Republicans recalibrate their strategy.

Living Under ‘Marshall Law’

We’ve been sentenced to government by illiterates.

Is Never Trump Forever?

Yes and no.

Two Cheers for Partisanship

We would be better off with healthier and more effective political parties.

Winning by Losing

A good night for the GOP in Georgia.

The Resistible Urge to Scoff

The ‘Twitter Files’ and the intellectual pitfalls of contempt.

Can McCarthy Control the Clown Caucus?

It’s just one of the challenges he’ll face if he becomes House speaker.

Aren’t You Embarrassed?

The endless cringe of the Trump-era right.

A House Divided

The national vote for the House of Representatives suggests a politics stuck in neutral.

Are You Tired of Losing Yet?

A question for the GOP headed into 2024.

What Do the Grassroots Do Now?

In Arizona and Georgia, MAGA state parties face reprisals and irrelevance.

Republican Officials Are Getting Awfully Quiet About Donald Trump

The same party leaders who condemned the Mar-a-Lago search have had a muted reaction to Merrick Garland’s special counsel announcement.

Trump Is About to Wreck His Legacy

Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

The Sweep: Digesting Turkey and Midterm Data

The Trump tax, ticket splitters, and early voting.

The Pennsylvania GOP’s Pushover Primary

Some Republicans in the Keystone State say this year’s election results show ‘how weak’ their party is.

Strength In Numbers

How a crowded 2024 primary field could hurt Trump.