Steve Scalise

No, Rep. Steve Scalise Didn’t Vote Against Stem Cell Research From Which He Is Now Benefiting

Claims of hypocrisy miss the mark in a couple of ways.

Minority Rules

Not even a third of Republicans are happy Kevin McCarthy was ousted, yet here we are.

Unproven Claims That Steve Scalise Has Ties to White Supremacists Resurface

A 2014 story saying he spoke at a EURO convention cannot be verified.

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Jordan vs. Scalise is an institutional test.

Scalise, Jordan Emphasize Republican Unity in Speaker’s Race

Plus: In New Hampshire, Chris Christie teases good fundraising numbers and discusses being an underdog.

A Debt Ceiling Win Cools GOP Tensions—For Now

But some say House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has kept his No. 2, Steve Scalise, at arm’s length.

‘Is This a Game Show?’

Fun and prizes with the anti-McCarthy bloc.