Trump legal

Do Svidaniya, Alexei Navalny

Plus: A look at the ruling in the New York fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

Our Best Stuff on Tucker Carlson, Fani Willis, and More

Plus: the third anniversary of the Senate’s second acquittal of Donald Trump.

The Attention Turns to Donald Trump’s Georgia Prosecutor

Plus: Was Robert Hur out of line in his report on Joe Biden’s classified documents?

Our Best Stuff From a Week That Defied Description

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court, a ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and a damaging special counsel report for Joe Biden.

Trump Likely Not Going Anywhere

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Colorado’s case to remove Donald Trump from the ballot.

Joe Biden Takes the Good With the Bad

Plus: Two monumental cases regarding Donald Trump and 2024.

Fani Willis’ Scandal Threatens to Upend the Georgia Case Against Trump

If a judge finds the Fulton County prosecutor acted improperly, the case could be dismissed or delayed by months or years.

The No Labels Super PAC Ramps Up

Plus: Haley takes aim at Trump following E. Jean Carroll verdict.

Does the Delay in Trump’s Defamation Trial Amount to ‘Election Interference’?

The judge postponed the proceedings because a juror and Trump’s own lawyer were ill.

Autocrat-Immunity Disease

That we’re having a conversation about presidential immunity from criminal acts is insane.

Why the GOP Field Never Pressed Donald Trump on His Legal Woes

A Maine judge kicks the presidential ballot qualification question to the Supreme Court.

License to Ill

If the president does it, is it not illegal?

Defending the Ballot

There is more than one way to patrol the borders of democracy.