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Fact-Checking Claims About British Troops Headed to Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has walked back comments by the U.K. defense secretary.

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Scotland’s Gender Policy Has Created a Political and Constitutional Crisis

The ruling SNP’s progressive stance has sparked a fight with the U.K. government and is unpopular at home.

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Even as the Tories Struggle, U.K.’s Labour Party Has Its Own Big Problems

Labour leader Keir Starmer is unpopular and must contend with divisions within his own party.

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The Falling Pound

The British currency is at an all-time low. Is Liz Truss’ fiscal policy to blame, or something else?

Queen Elizabeth and Power That Transcends Politics

Preserving virtuous institutions is its own noble purpose.

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A Ruler Who Sought Not Greatness, But Goodness

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the world lost a leader who embodied stability and decency.

The Morning Dispatch: End of an Era

Plus: Can Stacey Abrams catch Brian Kemp in Georgia?

Biden’s Truss Opportunity

The new U.K. prime minister could be a superb ally, but the president has to do his part.

Can Liz Truss Be the Next Margaret Thatcher?

The favorite to become the next prime minister has already drawn the ire of unions because of her labor market reform proposals.

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Boris Johnson: a British Nixon

Johnson’s failure wasn’t Nixonian in its seriousness, but as with the 37th U.S. president, the cover-up was what brought him down.

It’s The End of Boris Johnson—Just Don’t Envy His Successor

The unorthodox leader is responsible for his own undoing and the predicament British Conservatives find themselves in.