Fact Check: COVID Deaths Among Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents

A viral tweet from conservative talk show host Steve Deace claims that “Massachusetts reporting 45% of its Covid deaths last week were fully vaccinated.” 

The tweet, which has also been widely shared on Facebook, is accompanied by an October 12 report from the Massachusetts Department of Health, that states: “As of October 9, 2021 there were 4,660,716 fully vaccinated people and there were 44,498 cases in vaccinated people.” These numbers are cumulative.

The claim that 45 percent of  Massauchuestts’s COVID-19 deaths were from vaccinated people is false. The tweet misrepresented the data. The report did not find 45 percent of vaccinated people died of COVID. Instead the report shows that 45 COVID deaths among those vaccinated, which works out to .007 percent of the vaccinated population.*  

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