Fact Check: Is There a Major Shortage of Baby Formula?

Viral social media posts claim that 40 percent of baby formula products are out of stock in the United States, forcing some mothers to drive hours away to find the necessary product.

As extreme as these claims sound, they are based on accurate reporting. According to an analysis performed by Axios, during the week of April 24, 40 percent of baby formula inventory was out of stock in the United States. There has been a sharp increase in baby formula shortages over the past year, with only 3 percent of inventory being out of stock at the same time last year. The situation is particularly dire in six states—Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota—where shortages have reached or surpassed 50 percent. There have even been reports of parents driving hours to find the formula they need.

 This shortage is due in part to a recall of Abbott Nutrition products, along with broader supply chain issues, and some stores have taken to limiting how much product shoppers can buy.

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