Tonight: Post-Debate Dispatch Live Is Back

It seems like it was weeks ago now that Donald Trump and Joe Biden spent 90 minutes in the first presidential debate interrupting each other and generally not talking about the important issues facing our nation. Since President Trump contracted COVID-19 last week, the debate has moved off the front page, but with the election now less than four weeks away, the show will go on. Enter Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris.

Will the vice presidential debate be any different? With the additional scrutiny on both VP candidates, given the ages of the presidential nominees, will this debate matter more than VP debates have in recent history?

The team is back tonight – Wednesday, October 7 – for a post-debate edition of Dispatch Live featuring Sarah, David, Jonah, and Steve. Join us after the debate for a half hour of context and analysis (and undoubtedly some jocularity) that is the trademark of The Dispatch style.

Dispatch members are encouraged to leave questions below.

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