Andrew Egger

Andrew Egger is an associate editor for The Dispatch. He previously covered the White House and campaign politics for The Weekly Standard.

Andrew Egger

First Legal Challenge to Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Emerges

Borrowers in six states could see higher tax burdens because of the debt write-off. One of them is suing the Department of Education.

The McConnell-Thiel Standoff Over Blake Masters

Nobody wants to bankroll Masters’ final push for an Arizona Senate seat.

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Here Comes Herschel

After a summer of floundering, the Georgia Republican is suddenly gaining ground on Sen. Raphael Warnock.

The Morning Dispatch: End of an Era

Plus: Can Stacey Abrams catch Brian Kemp in Georgia?

On the Kemp Chase With Stacey Abrams

One of the country’s most notable Democratic political figures tries to gain ground on Georgia’s incumbent governor.

The Emergency Powers Flip-Flop

Congressional Democrats worked to limit presidential emergency powers after Trump's border-wall gambit. They've been far less alarmed by Biden's unilateral cancelation of student debt.

The Sweep: How Will Abortion Play in the Midterms?

Special elections and an Arizona Republican's pivot offer clues.

Student Loan Forgiveness Raises Emergency Powers Questions

Plus: Democrats begin wrangling for top oversight position.

What’s With These GOP Senate Candidates?

This week’s Dispatch Live, which is a weekly live stream for Dispatch members only, ran ...