Brent Orrell

Brent Orrell is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Brent Orrell

How Well Is Rural America Doing? You’d Be Surprised

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett’s ‘The Overlooked Americans’ rejects grim depictions of rural life.

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Companies are cutting programmers, human resources, and DEI staffers.

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Skilled Workers Are Fleeing Russia. Let’s Welcome Them.

Depriving Russia—and Belarus—of such workers would strike a blow against our adversaries and strengthen our economy.

The Unforgiving Math of the U.S. Labor Market

We are missing somewhere between 4 million and 7 million workers, and even if we could find them it might not fix our problem.

Sometimes Necessary, Always Tragic

The trauma of war in the voice of veterans.

The Great Disappearing Worker

There are plenty of job openings, but not enough takers.

It’s Not Enough to ‘Learn to Code’

Artificial intelligence is coming for many U.S. jobs, even in software. More than ever, workers need to develop the kinds of skills machines can't replace.

Our Current Labor Shortage Is Just a Sneak Peek Into the Future

How the collapse in fertility is showing up in the labor market.