Dan Lips

Dan Lips

Before Investing More in R&D, We Must Secure Research Institutions From Outside Threats

There’s a chance for bipartisan legislation that would do so, but universities are resistant to potential restrictions on international students.

Is Congress Spending Enough on Cybersecurity?

Recent developments underscore legitimate concerns about our capacity to defend against a growing threat.

Do States Have Enough Federal Funding to Safely Reopen Public Schools?

They haven't spent money that was doled out in the spring, and Congress allocated more in December. There are better uses for any new federal funding.

Questions for Biden’s Choice for Homeland Security

Alejandro Mayorkas brings experience, but senators should revisit his 2013 confirmation hearings to be deputy secretary.

The Pandemic Is Forcing Women Out of the Workforce. There’s a Way to Fix That.

Opening more schools would be a good start. We also need to give parents control over the tax dollars that are spent on their kids’ education.