Frederick M. Hess

Frederick M. Hess

Educators Have Lost the Public’s Trust. How Can They Get It Back?

For starters, they can call out indefensible conduct.

Why Democrats Might Come to Regret Student Debt Relief

Usually, giving stuff away is a winning political strategy. But that’s not an iron law.

How Social and Emotional Learning Became a New Front in the Culture Wars

It can be both a sensible, innocuous attempt to tackle a real challenge and an excuse to promote faddish nonsense and ideological agendas.

President Biden’s Bizarre Attack on Charter Schools

New regulations blindsided leading charter officials. They’re also a potential political liability.

When ‘Rigorous’ Courses Aren’t

High schoolers are taking tougher classes, getting better grades, and know less than students did a decade ago. What gives?

Schools Are Exiting the Pandemic. What Now?

It’s time to redouble efforts to make school rigorous, challenging, engaging, and joyous.

Preschool Can Be Great. Universal Pre-K Schemes Are Something Else.

Despite what advocates say, the science does not support sweeping mandates.

There Are Better Ways to Make College Affordable

States and universities are coming up with solutions that don’t involve trillions in federal spending.

Biden’s Higher Education Agenda, One Year In

The president’s pen-and-phone pandering leaves a host of centrist opportunities unexplored.

Defend Gifted Education. And Then Do Much More.

If schools give up on accelerated learning in the name of ‘equity,’ it’s low-income students who will get lost along the way.