John Gustavsson

John Gustavsson is a conservative writer from Sweden and has a doctorate in economics.

John Gustavsson
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Russia’s Dark History—and Bleak Future

Its tragic history is filled with regrettable decisions.

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Why China Is Unlikely to Save Russia’s Economy

Supply chain issues are just the start of it.

EU Membership Is Not the Best Way for Europe to Help Ukraine

Aside from funding problems, it risks creating an exodus from the country at the precise time it will need to rebuild after war.

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How the World Can Best Help Ukraine’s Refugees

Keep them in nations closest to Ukraine, and plan for every contingency.

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Foreign Aid Is Not the Answer to Afghanistan’s Woes

In fact, it could make them worse.

Germany’s New Government Makes a Naïve Push for a European Federation

A ‘United States of Europe’ is a terrible idea.

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How Boris Johnson Lost the Plot

The pandemic and Brexit-related headaches are lingering, and his rival Nigel Farage might be poised for a comeback.

The Growing Crisis at the Polish Border

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is purposefully creating tension with the European Union.

Lessons From the U.K.’s Winter of Discontent

Astronomical increases in heating prices, on top of the inflation we’re already experiencing, could have consequences for Biden’s agenda.

Why the Nordic Model Wouldn’t Work in the U.S.

The welfare states were developed during a post-war economic boom, and they rely on taxing the middle class and the poor.