Scott Winship

Scott Winship

Can Men Still Bring Home the Bacon?

A new report on the marriageability of men counters populist conventional wisdom.

What a New Study Gets Wrong About Child Poverty and the Social Safety Net

It ignores the importance of economic factors and the benefits of welfare reform.

More on Why Income Increases Matter

More on Why Income Increases Matter

Alternatively, note that Child Trends says that the safety net reduced poverty by 9.2 percent ...

Democrats’ Pandemic Response Was a Series of Missed Opportunities

Policymakers should have prioritized an Operation Warp Speed addressed at preventing widespread learning losses that could damage a generation of children.

How Democrats Are Using the Pandemic to Advance Long-Term Spending Priorities

Given that we staved off much hardship with early relief spending, anti-poverty policy clearly has gone further than was necessary.

How We Kept Poverty Down in 2020

Good public policy staved off hardship for many, but at a cost.

Is It Really Too Expensive to Raise a Family?

Politicians on both sides want to subsidize parenting. But declining fertility may simply be a result of the desire to have fewer children.

What a New Report Gets Wrong About Economic Inequality

The latest from American Compass uses less than ideal data and overstates the increase in inequality, among other problems.

Let’s Talk About Those $1,400 Checks

A strong case could be made for completely scrapping the third round of economic stimulus payments

The Biden Agenda: What Would Biden Do about Poverty?

He’d be better on fighting the pandemic than Trump has been, but in other areas his policies could limit growth without fighting poverty.