Timothy Sandefur

Timothy Sandefur

Albert King: A Centennial Appreciation

Remembering a blues legend on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

How a new book and documentary give insight into the rise and fall of one of the most American bands.

Open the Books on Critical Race Theory

There should be nothing controversial about transparency rules that allow parents to see what their kids are being taught in school.

Robert Hayden, the Poet Who Would Not Be Canceled

Hayden focused on the sufferings and triumphs of black Americans, that wasn’t enough for some of his contemporaries.

Why We Shouldn’t Abandon the Consumer Welfare Standard

In going after big tech companies, some on both the left and right want to abandon a principle that has helped foster a dynamic economy.

2020 Has Been Bad, But Is It Worse Than the 1930s?

FDR’s tenure has much in common with the political problems we face today.

Bruce Herschensohn, RIP

Remembering a California conservative icon.

The 1619 Project: An Autopsy

Rejecting the 1619 metaphor is what makes America great.

Of Course the Declaration Is Law

It's actually the basis of American constitutional law.

How This Pandemic Proves the Wisdom of the Founders

One more time, with feeling: The federal government does not have ‘absolute power.’