The Basketball Star and the Arms Dealer Walk Free

But some worry that the circumstances of the swap may embolden bad actors to take more U.S. hostages in the future.

NYC’s Mental Health Plan Sparks Controversy

Mayor Eric Adams’ new strategy for addressing mental illness and homelessness includes the expansion of involuntary hospitalization.

Sanctions Are Freeing Iran

The measures have made it hard for the regime to crack down on the people.

The Ethics of Assisted Dying

Canada’s push to expand access to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide renews debates over the limits of the “right to die.”

A Lot to Be Grateful For

Plus: Your Dispatchers share some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Dispatch Live for November 22

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What’s Behind the RSV Surge

Children's hospitals are warning the spike in cases have stretched them to the breaking point.

Video: Trump and GOP Leadership Fights

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Member Discussion for “The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet”

Share your questions and thoughts in the comments section.

Where Does the Pro-Life Movement Go From Here?

Election Night was not exactly a triumph for the opponents of abortion.

Dispatch Live: It’s Election Night!

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Housing Market Cooling

Interest rate hikes are tamping down housing-market demand, but low supply is harder to address.

The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag for November

The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag for November

Charlotte Lawson is up for the Monthly Mailbag.

‘Where’s Nancy?’ Pelosi’s Husband Attacked in San Francisco Home

Paul Pelosi suffered serious injuries to his head and arms but is expected to recover.

‘Die Hard’ is a Holiday Movie …

... And that holiday is Halloween.

Video: Ukraine, China, and the Midterms

Declan, David, Esther, and Andrew talk Ukraine, China and the midterms