What’s Really Worrisome About Those Meadows Texts

Look at the difference between what Hannity and Ingraham texted Meadows and what they told their viewers.

China’s Telecom Giants Are a Threat to Our Security

China has used open-source intelligence to gain a significant information edge over Western countries.

The Ambiguous Science on Masks

COVID is dangerous. If masking efficacy is uncertain, policymakers should focus on promoting practices that do work to stop the spread.

Is Trump Losing His Grip on the GOP?

The former president’s clout with voters seems less formidable all the time.

Time to Target Hezbollah’s Illicit Finance Facilitators

A hack on the group’s official bank yielded a trove of information that the Biden administration could use to implement sanctions.

The Empty Rhetoric at the Summit for Democracy

The event was high on messaging and bereft of substance.

The Senate Gets SALT-y

A tax cut in the Build Back Better Act that benefits mostly blue state voters might not fly in the upper chamber.

Christmas in Lagos

The love of God can shine through in the bleakest of circumstances.

… But for Wales?

‘A Man for All Seasons’ turns 55 and still offers relevant political wisdom.

Not With Rhetoric, but With Deeds

Bob Dole’s efforts and achievements spoke to what we love about America.

Bob Dole’s Lifetime of Service

He paid his dues in World War II, and he never forgot those who helped him when he came home.

The Siren Song of ‘Accountability’

An ethos of civilian, and especially presidential, accountability is especially vital in an era of military professionalism.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

The Dispatch staff (and friends) share their favorite underrated Christmas songs and why they deserve your attention.

New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

On trade policy, Biden is practicing a friendlier version of Donald Trump’s protectionism.

Defense Bill Hits a Snag in the Senate

Bipartisan plans for a quick vote on amendments broke down Wednesday night.

Now Is Not the Time to Go Easy on Russia

But that is the message the Biden administration is sending.