‘This Was Not About Finding the Truth’

Election officials and experts react to the release of the Maricopa County audit report.

The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Finale

The third (and last?) episode of Sarah Isgur's quest to find the best fast food chicken sandwich.

‘Our Identity Has Been Hijacked’

How Afghan women are using traditional clothing to push back against the Taliban's restrictions.

A Tale of Two Vaccine Mandates

Unlike the private employer mandate, Biden’s mandate for nursing home staff would both protect the most vulnerable and pass constitutional muster.

U.S.-U.K. Relations, Strained by Afghanistan, Get an AUKUS Boost

The ‘special relationship’ has endured challenges and disputes, but it strong enough to withstand them.

Is Biden More Like Trump or Bernie Sanders on Foreign Policy?

Ideology and rhetoric tend to obscure the reality that presidents do not have a real free hand in foreign policy.

What the Milley Affair Says About the State of Our Politics

Our virulent politics has corroded the norms of intercourse between the people, politicians, and military professionals.

‘We’re Not Leaving Berlin’

Harry Truman used American power to stand up to tyranny. The contrast to our chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal could not be starker.

The Troubling Prevalence of Antisemitic Attacks in Brooklyn

What we can learn from the NYPD’s hate crime statistics.

Want Affordable Housing? Build More Homes.

Ronald Reagan offered solutions decades ago that are still relevant and useful today.

Holy Unfunny Podcast, Batman!

A review of 'Batman: The Audio Adventures'.

A Great Deal for Grown-Ups of All Ages

Dear Dispatch Reader: G-File readers will note that I didn’t include any parenthetical “Dear Reader” ...

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Shouldn’t Extend to the Naturally Immune

Those who have had COVID-19 and recovered still stand to benefit personally from vaccination. That doesn't mean they present a 'grave danger' to others if they decline.

Goodbye To All That

Biden may usher in a new era in which we won’t really have an Iran policy at all.

Let’s Stay Sane Together

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two full years since my first French ...

The Taliban Victory Is a Gift to Iran

The administration insists the two are enemies, but that is a misunderstanding of the divisions between Sunnis and Shiites.