To Fix the Climate, We Need a Million Norman Borlaugs

The cost of innovation has gone down, and small projects can add up to big changes.

How the U.S. Made the Afghan Collapse Inevitable

The administration said it was prepared for any contingency. It clearly wasn’t.

What We Can Learn From Europe’s Refugee Crises

We must fulfill our moral obligation to the Afghans while still working to minimize national security risks and culture clash.

Dispatch Live Is Back Wednesday Night

Join Steve, David, and Vital Interests author Thomas Joscelyn tomorrow, August 18 at 8 p.m. ...

The Strategic Consequences of America’s Loss in Afghanistan

The fall of Kabul is a blow not just to global democracy, but to the U.S.'s ongoing foreign policy aims as well.

Republicans Are at Odds With Themselves on Social Media Regulation

The GOP wants to make social media content moderation the government's business.

The Morning Dispatch: Afghanistan Falls

President Ashraf Ghani flees the country, the Taliban prepares to assume state power, and the U.S. scrambles to get the last of its people out.

Biden’s Afghan Opportunism Meets Reality

The withdrawal debacle will be a political liability for the president.

What’s Next for the U.S. in Afghanistan—and Elsewhere

There is no plan or will to reverse our losses in Afghanistan. In the days ahead, our foes will test us and our allies will doubt our resolve.

The Big Reveal That Wasn’t

Mike Lindell promised evidence that would reinstate Donald Trump as president. Instead, attendees at his cyber symposium got three days of smoke and mirrors.

How to Read Raisi’s Pledge to the Palestinians

Iranian support for Hamas and Hezbollah has done little to make conditions better for those living under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

How Crime Fighting and Criminal Justice Reform Go Hand in Hand

An interview with Bill Bratton, former NYPD commissioner.

Oregon Democrats Resurrect the ‘Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations’

A new law allows students to graduate from high school without the ability to read, write, or do math.

When the Oath of Office Becomes Inconvenient

Biden is hardly the first president to violate his oath. But this is no way to run a constitutional republic.

Europe Has Its Own Vaccine Mandate Woes

Protests have broken out in France, Germany, and Italy as countries lean into vaccine passports.

Will Inequality Lead to Illegitimacy?

The threat of plutocratic populism to American democracy.