Strength In Numbers

How a crowded 2024 primary field could hurt Trump.

Democratic Divergence in the Old Obama Coalition

In this year’s midterms, Democrats held their own in North Carolina but got clobbered in Florida.

Are Republicans Ready for Change Yet?

The party is badly out of step with the electorate.

Be Careful What You Covet

The wrong desires can drive you to ignore good advice and your own conscience.

The Very Online House Majority Logs On

Is politics about fan service or persuasion?

The End of the Pelosi Era

Plus: An interview with former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Stirewaltisms: Lessons in Power at a Time of Transition

The similarities and differences between Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

Here Come the GOP Investigations

The new narrow House majority has big plans to put the squeeze on President Biden.

Explaining New York’s Red Wave

Can Republicans build on the pickups they made in the Empire State?

Kook Waterloo

Election denialism might be fading.

They Got Took

Right-wing populists backed unelectable candidates—exactly as Democrats hoped they would.

Mitch McConnell Comes Out on Top

The Senate minority leader predicted he would retain leadership of Senate Republicans despite a challenge from Rick Scott. He was right.

McCarthy’s Misery

To prevail as speaker, he’ll have to appeal to the suddenly reasonable House Freedom Caucus.

Liz Cheney’s Revenge?

Anti-MAGA conservatives might be swinging America’s elections.