A COVID-19 Silver Lining That Could Be Even Shinier

Dear Capitoli-stans,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have successfully transitioned into the second- or third-best holiday season. (Thanksgiving is first, obviously, but it’s a photo-finish for second between Christmas and Independence Day. More on this later.) 

As teased last week, we’re today going to examine a silver lining to COVID-19’s many dark clouds, but one that could be even brighter if it weren’t for misguided (at best) government policy. In particular, there has been an unexpected explosion of independent entrepreneurs and self-employed workers since the pandemic first destroyed much of the U.S. labor market. This recent Wall Street Journal deep dive provides the details and several neat anecdotes: 

To adapt to the pandemic and the job loss it unleashed, more Americans are becoming their own bosses, setting up tiny businesses to work as traveling hair stylists, in-home personal trainers, boutique mask designers and chefs. A man in Maryland started a mobile car-washing business.

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