Friday Brief for 18 February 2022

Tech Terms

End to End Encryption (E2EE)End-to-end encryption secures data on the user’s device and only ever decrypts it on the recipient’s device. This means, the data can never be decrypted on the server nor in transit nor on the user’s device.

**Heads Up **

First, I’m sorry there is no audio today. My mic decided to give up the ghost and the audio was just awful. I should be squared away soon.

If, however, you’re dying to hear the sultry sound of my voice, checkout the podcast below where I discuss cyber in Ukraine, the “New Right’s” old foreign policy, and flossing (the dance kind, not the dental kind).

The Dispatch Podcast
Ukraine Hit By Cyberattacks
Listen now (50 min) | Today on the podcast, Sarah and Steve are joined by Klon Kitchen, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, to discuss the latest in Ukraine after the country was hit by cyberattacks. Plus, how much is the Republican Party’s foreign policy views changing? And what exactly can the Chinese government do with all that TikTok data…
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Drones & Crypto May Feature in Ukraine Conflict

What’s New: Ukraine is turning to armed drones and cryptocurrency as it prepares to repel a possible Russian invasion.

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